Artificial Intelligence

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The tools and methods of organization at our disposal have never been so numerous and yet they are globally very little used. At the root of this paradox is the fact that these solutions that are supposed to save us time start by robbing us of them … Also, in spite of the importance that we usually carry with the questions of organization, these solutions are generally abandoned. immediately tested. Fortunately, recent technological breakthroughs have left us with a way out, not to say a real revolution in this area. This mysterious innovation has a name: artificial intelligence!

Beyond the fashionable subject, how can artificial intelligence intervene to facilitate our organization? Simply by getting us out of a stalemate:
The current stalemate

So far, there is no way to fix defects 2 and 3 of the existing solutions; that is to say the “Rigidity and the Approximative”, without drastically aggravating their 1st major defect which is “Chronopphage”.

Indeed, to benefit from an organizational model that is both flexible and reliable, it would be necessary to spend most of its time accurately recording, tracing, recording, compiling and recalculating all that one has to do to in the end, no longer have a single minute to advance his own work. A height …

The next issue

Advances around artificial intelligence and more specifically machine learning will soon be able to solve these 3 defects at the same time. How? By giving us the opportunity to entrust – from A to Z – this continuous, complex and tedious exercise of organization to an intelligent program!

In fact, for an application to be able to do this work effectively for us, it needs two skills that are sorely lacking today:
1- be able to identify the user’s intentions, motivations, habits, work methods, areas of expertise, … to really understand what he wants to do and make him the appropriate organizational proposals that take into account of his preferences and constraints,

2- be able to manage the time, that is to say to evaluate the time necessary for the realization of each action, to follow their progress in real time, to measure the time still really available with respect to a deadline, … for stall these organizational proposals over time and ensure their feasibility.

The latest advances in terms of AI and machine learning seem to indicate that these 2 essential skills will be available soon. The application that brings them together will be able to offer us at every moment a truly optimal organization, to take into account the evolutions and other hazards in real time, and even to show us in advance the impact of our choices on the achievement of our objectives and the respect of our commitments. And all this without us having to make the least effort 🙂

The contributions of the next solutions based on AI

Artificial intelligence will completely change the game by giving us access to tools that are sufficiently scholarly and insightful to effectively take charge of our organization. The benefits for the user will be so tangible that he will not be able to do without it:

Automation of the organization
Task planning and stakeholder coordination will be fully supported by the smart app. At no time will the user need to recompile the elements himself to reorganize them in time, whatever the evolutions. This will not prevent him from remaining sole master on board and can modify at leisure the proposals that will be made to him.

The profit: a considerable saving of time, of the order of 10 to 15h per week if one believes the studies mentioned previously.

Optimization of the organization
As the application will be able to take into account – at the same time – all the elements (tasks, efforts, constraints, etc.) specific to the user as to his collaborators, his proposals of organization will be perfectly optimized. If he chooses to follow these recommendations, the user will be sure to always take the right action at the right time!

Profit: a very significant gain in productivity thanks to the optimization of resources and securing deliverables in compliance with the commitments made.

Real time organization
Another substantial advantage, the management of the organization will finally be dynamic thanks to the calculation capabilities of the application (and therefore instant recompilation of all elements) associated with its consideration of time. Thus, in case of evolution or hazards for example, the user will immediately see their impact on his organization and the performance of its commitments and will be informed, if necessary, of a new direction to take.

The benefit: a gain of agility very useful in everyday life.

Time control and visibility
Thanks to its precise time management, the application will offer the user a control over his workload over time, his future availability and even the dates of completion of all his tasks. Forget the agenda unable to tell us when we are really available (but just when we do not have an appointment …), everyone can choose his activities knowingly. Forget the wet-finger guessing of “where am I”, everyone will know exactly how much they are doing as well as their collaborators.

The benefit: unprecedented visibility that gives the user a real ability to anticipate and greater serenity in everyday life.

In terms of organization, there will clearly be a before and after artificial intelligence. Finally, we will be able to rely on tools that help us to be more efficient and serene at the same time. It is the next metamorphosis of these solutions that will play for us the role of true assistants.

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